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Downtown campus

C/ Costa Brava, 6 28034 Madrid

Phone: 0034915775666

Fax.: 0034914355660

Metro:  Paco de Lucía Station

Bus 178 (Plaza Castilla)



Head of International Office:

Ana Cuquerella,


Incoming Students Coordinator:

Ana del Moral,


VIO Team: vio@villanueva.edu &

Office: 2nd floor, right


Fall semester
Introduction days: 6,7th September
Semester: 10th September to 14th December
Final exams: 17-21 Dec./ 14th-25th January
Bank Holidays: 12th Oct./ 1st & 9th Nov./6th Dec.

Spring semester
Introduction days: February 1st, 2019
Semester – February 4th23 – May 31st
Final exams May 13th-31st
Bank Holidays
Easter Holidays March 12th-22th April
May 1, 2 y 15


Type/ Level of students present in class: International students from France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, México, Uruguay, Belgium, The Netherlands etc. Spanish students from: Law/ International Business/ Fashion Management/ International Relations Degrees.

University Services and Facilities

  • Internship Department: mtorres@villanueva.edu 2nd floor
  • Library: open from Monday to Friday (9.00-21.00) First floor.
  • WIFI: CUV Alumnos
  • Computer rooms: each floor
  • Intranet profile: user/ password
  • Free printing (500 copies): 2nd floor (using your intranet password)
  • Student identity card: one passport photo+ ID number is necessary to obtain university card
  • Students’ cafeteria main floor building B/ Students’ restaurant main floor building A
  • Chapel main floor

Medical Assistance

Public Health System: In the event of health issues, you can use Social Security (for EU citizens only). A European health insurance card is required.

www.madrid.org/cs | Call 11888 for information: ask for the Health Center closest to where you are staying.

Private Medical Services: If you prefer a private medical service, Villanueva has a preferential agreement with an international hospital close to our Centre.

Unidad Médica Angloamericana. C/ Conde de Aranda, 1 1ºizquierda. 0034914351823 um@unidadmedica.com.

Do not hesitate to contact us at vio@villanueva.edu if you are ill and require assistance. 

Emergency phone numbers in Spain

If you require urgent police attention, ambulance, fire brigade etc. 112 (no area code)
If you want to report assault, robbery or accident to the police 902 102 112
Road accidents or information about weather and traffic congestion 011

Estimated Expenses

  • Public transport 20€-30€ € monthly ticket
  • Acupofcoffee 1,5€
  • A coke or a beer with tapa 2-3 €
  • A sandwich in a cafeteria 2-4 €
  • Menu in a restaurant near university 10-14 €
  • Room in a shared apartment 500-700 € month
  • Dorms (2 meals) 1200 € month
  • A drink in a club 7-10 €

Bus+ Metro transport Card


Zona A

Application Procedures

Send to: vio@villanueva.edu

  • Scanned ID or passport
  • Scanned Health Insurance or European Sanitary Card
  • Transcript of records
  • To fulfill on-line form

Application Deadlines

Fall semester: May the 15th
Spring semester: November the 15th